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A Guide To How To Start A Restaurant & Grocery Delivery Business ?

If you’re trying to take up a business that needs hardly any start-up costs and has the potential to offer a great return, a grocery / restaurant delivery business is how you can go. With the expanding use of the web, folks are searching more and more for a way to do what they just have almost no time for.

The fundamental steps in beginning a restaurant and grocery delivery business are:

  • Choose an attractive business name.
  • Create a logo which will stick in peoples minds. Make it flashy and important. You can certainly do this yourself with photoshop, but when you lack the artistic skills, you are able to expect to pay for between $50 to $200 for a specialist image.
  • Do not get a company license before you have established your client base a bit. The reason why i say the reason being taxes will burn you. The hassle that’s associated with a new business may be easily avoided if you simply start small and take your time in going official. This specific business makes for that when you are providing a service which will (for a quick time) go unnoticed because respect. (but, you will want to eventually get your company license, especially as you will not be able to accept checks written to your business without it.)
  • Begin by only accepting cash and checks. Eventually it is additionally vital to include cards, but the price of the merchant account will overwhelm you if your income is not such that you can justify it. Don’t worry, surprisingly very few people will ever have an issue with this.
  • Get yourself a website. Get yourself a website. Get yourself a website. You can get one put up through godaddy.com for under $70 per year
  • Hand out flyers, posters, business cards and free crap. The return, almost certainly, will not be to your expectations, but it will run you next to nothing your time. Between most of the above methods, you are able to go to kinkos and pay about $40 for everything. The posters will account fully for the bulk of that estimate.


  • Remember: a customer is contagious. If you obtain one korean food and you treat them right, they will turn into two, three and four. Recommendations will always be your greatest supply of advertising.
  • When you can afford it get an ad placed in your car. You should be able to discover a full back window ad for less than $130. This price is reasonable for an ad that will go everywhere you go.
  • Now you have about 30 returning customers. You may think about getting that business license. Whilst it is not completely necessary, customers will find it comforting to create a check always to a company rather than just some guy. You are able to expect to pay for about $60-$90 for the entire ordeal.
  • Once yo have a company license and a company banking account, it is additionally vital to place about $200 in the account. Order a bank card and checks. When someone places an order, pay for it with the bank card, saving two receipts. Some of those receipts is left with the customer and another adopts a file with your other purchased receipts. Keep these receipts separate from your own account expenses (gas, etc). Once you deliver the meals and the customer reimburses you for the meals plus your delivery fee, stick it all back to your account. Now you have $220. (or so, depending on that which you charge for delivery)
  • The checks that you ordered in step 10 are for you. When you need to invest some of the hard earned cash simply write a have a look at to yourself. This way the records are clean and it’s obvious to the irs what’s what. There is, however, the issue of letting the irs know what’s profit and what’s simply returned to the account after purchasing the items. This really is explained by the receipts you’ve kept.
  • When filing taxes hire a professional the first year. Expect to pay for about $100 because of this service.

Bottom line:

Minus tax related expenses, you are able to expect to pay for around $500 altogether expenses. Numerous is that this can be spent as you obtain it and you’ve got all the time in the world.

This really is a simple business to start. It will need hours of your blood and sweat, but financially speaking, it is one of the cheapest, most demanded approaches to go.

Different business charge different amounts with regards to the location and economy. Odds are you’ll go wrong in the beginning, but soon you’ll find that comfortable price where you and the customer are happy.

Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged. This can take time and patience but every town needs it and chances are if there’s one in your area, you might be carrying it out for cheaper and with better service and client satisfaction

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